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Sector Cluster Wind


Sector Cluster Rail

Power Transmission

Sector Cluster Power Transmission


Electric motors

Public and private institutions

Locks and fittings

Electrical household appliances



Sector Cluster Offroad

Industrial trucks

Cranes, conveying, elevators

Mobile transmission

Industrial Automation

Sector Cluster Industrial Automation

Wood working machinery

Rubber and plastics

Assembly and parts handling

Industrial robots

Raw Materials

Sector Cluster Raw Materials


Sector Cluster Aerospace


Sector Cluster Two-wheelers

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Schaeffler Global Technology Network

Globalization opens up limitless opportunities for companies - while at the same time confronting them with enormous challenges. Rising competition and ever-increasing pressure to cut costs have made it absolutely essential that companies rigorously exhaust all opportunities for optimization. To that end, machinery manufacturers and operators rely on machines and systems that deliver the highest levels of productivity and efficiency.

Global Technology Network

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